About LLWP

Welcome to Long Live WP. This page is to share the back story of this blog. It all began in 2016 when I got fascinated with WordPress and I started documenting my learnings of WordPress/blogging & SEO on one of my blogs (now retired). But the problem with documenting content related to WordPress was not the right match for the people that were consuming the content that I was creating. Certain topics were too technical and the core WordPress audience wasn’t hanging around on the blog hence created a dedicated blog that is intended to attract a core audience interested in WordPress.

What you will find here

At LLWP I will try to create content to make WordPress easier for beginners. With guides, tutorials, ebooks, and more such resources to help small businesses and bloggers to leverage WordPress to put the internet to work and make money online. The aim of LLWP is to make WordPress easy to understand for anyone who doesn’t have a technical bone.

Here are a few things you will find on LLWP:

  1. Step by step guide/tutorials on various things you can do on WordPress
  2. Showcase/reviews of themes & plugins. This is for DIY users who either can’t afford professionals to set things for them or have that knack of doing things on their own
  3. Opinion and news related to WordPress
  4. Starter’s guide on various topics of WordPress

Getting started with LLWP (Important links to get started for beginners)

Feel free to get in touch with me for any WordPress related help.